There was a time I bought and repaired the fancy, expensive and exotic cars.... 

but now the I fill the building with THESE....

It's just all about being GREEN!!!

 I am a huge Echo fan and have owned several and actually have 5 of them, I just sold a 2000 model on Craig's last year and just sold the other 2000 in April or 2009. They aren't much to look at and certainly aren't luxurious, but they get you back and forth cheaper than almost ANY gasoline car made. You could spend $25,000 on a Prius and get 45 MPG or Spend $6000 on an Echo and up to 42 MPG (which I have gotten in my 2000) They really hold their value around this price range, and typically sell for more than book. Just check Autotrader! Cheap to insure, Easy to work on, not many power accessories to break.  These 2002 on the far right is For Sale!!!

BTW - Did you know the Echo has the same engine as the New Prius and Yaris?  Only the Prius has the additional electric motor to help offset your gasoline usage, but the Echo has more horsepower.  Very Peppy little car!


It's the same engine as the Echo. The Echo weighs 987kg and the Prius weighs 1,300kg. The Echo uses the Otto cycle instead of Atkinson cycle. HP and torque ratings of the Echo motor and the Prius ICE motor:

Echo Sedan/Hatchback: 1.5 litre 1NZ-FE; 108 HP, 105 lb ft torque

Prius: 1.5 litre 1NZ-FXE; 76 HP, 82 lb ft of torque.
plus Electric motor --67 HP, 295lb-ft @ 0-1200rpm

You just can't beat the reliability and AWESOME gas mileage of these little "green" cars..... The Echo was the MOST fuel efficient GASOLINE car made period. Only the Hybrids and Volkswagen Turbo Diesels got better MPG for the years they were made. I also have a 2007 Yaris now and it does not get near the 40+ MPG that the ECHO got.

Here's a list of the MSN top 10 MOST fuel efficient cars sold in North America (I think it was in 2002).  Notice the Echo is first in the list of GASOLINE ONLY cars.  Not to mention Diesel fuel now costs on average more a gallon than unleaded @ $4.89 a gallon


Best Fuel Economy Cars 

Other small cars make up the rest of the list. Here are the top ten fuel-efficient model lines as listed in MSN Autos, based on EPA data:



Honda Insight

61/68/64 mpg

Toyota Prius

52/45/48 mpg

Honda Civic Hybrid

46/51/48 mpg

Volkswagen Jetta Wagon TDI

42/50/45 mpg

VW New Beetle TDI

42/49/45 mpg

Volkswagen Golf TDI

42/49/45 mpg

Volkswagen Jetta TDI

42/49/45 mpg

Toyota ECHO

35/43/38 mpg

Toyota Corolla

32/40/35 mpg

MINI Cooper

28/40/32 mpg

2002 Echo's had a timing chain, so there is no timing belt that needs to be replaced. 

It doesn't take much damage for the insurance company to total one of these little cars, even if the damage is slight since they are so inexpensive to begin with. No, I'm not a dealer or a car salesman. Like I said. I love these cars and try to buy them whenever I can with a little damage to fix them back up. (I also have 2 parts car Echo's) If you are interested let me know.  I get many requests for these cars with low mileage and then tend to bring top top dollar with today's gasoline prices. Just FYI...


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