Things I like:

Florida Lobster Varities MY TBACK! Click to hear the whole story! Perry Ferret My sister's dog NORTON! 

 Jeep with my boat headed for the Lake! My old 1990 Honda CBR600F Honda CBR900RR Harley Davidson Heritage SoftTail Classic

2000 Dodge Viper Rt/10 Roadster Dodge Stealth ES

My 94 Jeep Wrangler Melissa's Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor

Things I do not like:

I Hate Clowns! Prince...Don't get me started



Click here for an original poem by the ChicKenWarrioR

Here's my POTUS collection

Sound of the Warrior


Favorite Quotes:

- "I know a little bit about everything, but not a lot about anything" - The ChicKenWarrioR

- "It's all out there, we just gotta find a way to steal it" - The Warriors

- "I know a guy that can get you anything you want"

    "Really?  Who is that?"

    "You!" - Rob (to the ChicKenWarrioR)

- "Well doc, it's not really my stomach that hurts so's my penis..."

      "Why what's wrong?"

      "It has a sore throat and a runny nose.."  - Mikey to the doctor at the UK Free Clinic

- "Why do you hate birds so much?"

      "Because they can fly and I can't" - The ChicKenWarrioR's response to Caesar Paco

- "My grandpa always used to say: A good piece of leg will help you sleep better" - The ChicKenWarrioR

- "She was too good looking"

    "She was NOT good looking... Dude, her face looked like you set it on fire and put it out with a fork" - Chris M's response to the ChickenWarrioR about a certain girl.


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